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How much does it cost to develop a web app?

Hard to say! Answer 13 questions. Make it easier for us to calculate!
Note: This calculator is focusing solely on web apps that are built as marketplaces.

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Since we're talking about marketplaces here, let's first figure out what value people and organizations will exchange on your platform. This will help us understand what kind of web app you're intending to build.

What do you want to exchange on your platform?

Time to figure out what functionality you’re looking for. How about we start with registration?

User authorization

A great majority of web app marketplaces require user accounts. What features are you going to add to your user accounts?

User account

To make your web app as convenient to use as possible, you probably want to add some customization features to the scope.


Today, it's hard to imagine a platform without messaging functionality. If you're planning to add chats, choose the features below.

Chat features

By incorporating social features into a web app, you can let the product become a network. This may have an immense impact on its further scale.

Social functions

A marketplace you're planning to develop will most likely handle transactions at some point. How are you planning to implement payments?


Location-based features are quite common in online marketplaces. They make user experience more customized and convenient. What location-based features do you want to include in your price estimate?

Location-based features

We can't possibly cover all the functionality you want to develop, so this is our last question that refers to your app's functionality. Do you need any of the following features?


If you intend to manage content and users for your web app, we should also add admin panel development to the cost estimate.

What admin features do you need?

You might be thinking about creating an interactive web app interface to keep your visitors entertained and engaged. If you do, you would probably require animations.

Do you need any complex custom animations?

Cool! Time to see what amount of traffic your web app is expecting to get. Traffic volume greatly affects your server-side architecture and design, and defines your hosting needs and budget.

How many simultaneous users do you expect on your website?

Excellent! How about we discuss your API strategy? You might want to develop mobile apps in addition to your web app or build new systems on top of your app’s data. And what about letting the outside world in?

Do you need a public API for external developers?

Your web app cost estimate is

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This estimate provides very rough numbers and doesn’t include any charges associated with services such as design, content, quality assurance, maintenance, and deployment. For a more precise estimate, we’d recommend that you approach your software development service provider.